NCV IT & Computer Science

National Certificate (Vocational) :

Information Technology and computer Science :

Duration : 3 Years

Entrance requirements :

Grade 9 (std 7) or an equivalent qualification or that level of education through experience (RPL)

What is Information Technology and Computer Science in a nutshell?

In a nutshell the information technology and computer science programme covers the interpretation of software applications, as well as the installation of network cables together with information technology principles and data processing. This programme integrates academic knowledge and theory with practical skills and values.

What vocational activities would this give you access to?

  • Test Programmes and software applications.
  • Write computer programmes
  • Install network cables for computer systems
  • Process computer data
  • Develop, research and document computer user requirements
  • What are the career opportunities after completing the National certificate ,

Information Technology and computer Science :

  • The National Certificate (Information Technology and Computer Science) provides an opportunity to access any one of the careers listed below:
  • Computer Programming
  • IT Technician
  • Information Technology Management
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Data Processing
  • Contact Centre Operator


The course consists of Fundamental Subjects and vocational subjects

What are the fundamental subjects?

The 3 fundamental subjects are:

  1. Language which must at least be language of teaching and learning,
  2. Mathematics or mathematical literacy and
  3. Life orientation

What are the vocational subjects in Information Technology and computer Science?

The vocational subjects in Information Technology and Computer Science are:

  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Introduction to Systems Development
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Electronics Contact Centre Operations

These subjects are offered at each of the different NQF Levels of study in the National Certificate (Information Technology and Computer Science) qualification

Level 2 (First year)

  • Introduction to Information systems
  • Electronics
  • Introduction to Systems Development


Contact Centre Operations

Level 3 (Second year)

  • Systems analysis and design
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Principles of computer programming


Contact Centre operations

Level 4 (Third year)

  • System Analysis and design
  • Data communication and Networking
  • Computer programming


Contact Centre Operations


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