Business Studies – Secretarial

National Certificate In Business Studies – Secretarial.


  • This qualification is for any individual who is, or wishes to be, involved in the Administration function in any organization or business in any sector, or field as well as in non-commercial organisations such as clubs and charitable organisations. It contains all the competencies, skills and values required by a learner who wishes to access the National Diploma  in Legal SecretaryN6
  • The core component contains competencies in Information Handling, office practice, Public Administration,  Organisation skills, Self-development, Teamwork and Information Processing. The elective component allows the learner to gain specialist knowledge, skills and insight in the areas of Reception, Secretarial.
  • Learners working towards this qualification will find that the acquisition of competence in the subjects , which make up the qualification, will add value to their work performance. This qualification is intended to enhance the provision of service within the field of Administration within all sectors.
  • Through building day-to-day administration skills, as well as general operational competencies, the qualification ensures progression of learning, enabling the learner to meet standards of service excellence required within the administration and secretarial fields of learning.

The qualification will provide the broad knowledge, skills and values needed in the administration field in all sectors and will facilitate access to, and mobility and progression within, education and training for learners who:

  • Were previously disadvantaged or who were unable to complete their schooling and were therefore denied access to Further Education and Training.
  • Have worked in this field for many years, but have no formal qualifications and would like to achieve this qualification through the process of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and/or formal study
  • Wish to extend their range of skills and knowledge of administration within their respective industries so that they can extend their competency levels.
  • The qualification has building blocks that can be developed further in qualifications at a higher level. It also focuses on the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes required to progress further.

Rationale for the qualification:

  • The National Certificate in Business Studies – Secretarial : N3  is designed to meet the needs of those learners who are already involved, or wish to become involved, in the field of Administration and secretarial. It is applicable to employed and unemployed learners. Administration is an essential field of learning as the competences required by people doing administrative tasks are generic in nature and apply to all businesses in all sectors and to many non-business organizations such as sports and cultural clubs and the like.
  • Administrative tasks and administration are done at various levels depending upon the nature and size of the organization and its management structure. People involved in administration are known by such terms as secretaries, administrative assistants, administrators and clerks depending on the organization in which they are employed. There is therefore an on-going need for highly skilled administration personnel.

COURSE DURATION :        6 months


A student will qualify for a National N Certificate  in Business  Studies– Secretarial on completion of a minimum of 4 subjects.

Certification Body :

All N Certificate and Diplomas are issued by the National Department of Education and are recognised by Commerce and Industry


Subjects in N3 (6 Months)

  • Office Practice
  • Computer Practice
  • Information Processing
  • Public Administration



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