Travel and Tourism



With the travel industry growing internationally, the demand for skilled staff is an ever-increasing reality. Learners, able to apply multiple skills, will be faced with a wide range of employment opportunities in the Travel, Tourism and other related industries.


  • In the context of the tourism sector, this course will enable the creation of innovative and exciting travel and tourism experiences. A successful learner will be involved in attracting thousand of tourists in his or her country.
  • A learner who has achieved all the skills programmes in this course will be capable of combining a range of life-long learning skills and a knowledge of tourism issues, integrating these within a context to produce multi-skilled tourism practices.
  • The skills acquired through this course in Tourism can be applied locally and internationally.
  • In addition they will be positioned to further their learning, practice and career within the tourism sector – either at further levels or in other areas of practice. Expansion into other sectors of tourism is also possible.


Conduct, reflect on and improve a guided experience within a specific area that entertains and educates tourists by interpreting cultural and natural environments.

  1. Apply procedures to protect the social and cultural integrity of the host communities.
  2. Supply appropriate alternatives to problems and constraints, taking into account issues such as the constraints of the facilities, tourist expectations, and the requirements of the host community.
  3. Apply a range of presentation techniques appropriate to the audience, context and client profile.
  4. Monitor and improve their own performance based on critical reviews and evaluation of the event.
  5. Reflect on what they have learnt about themselves


All the Skills programmes in this course can be a achieved into two phases each phase takes 6 months (I year)



Skills programmes

  • Tourism Communication I
  • Travel Services I
  • Tourism destinations I
  • Travel office procedures I


Skills Programmes

  • Tourism Communication II
  • Travel Services II
  • Tourism destinations II
  • Travel office procedures II

On successful passing the skills programmes the college issues a certificate.

Since the training is based on the N – Course syllabus, the learner can write the external N course exams administered by the Department of education, and on successful passing the learner will be awarded a National certificate N4 and N5. The learner can proceed to study towards a National Certificate N6. DAM College has an exam Centre for N-Courses its centre no. is 899990879


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