Financial Accountancy



This course is designed to equip learners with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to be appointed as Accounting clerks.  Accounting clerks who have an important role to play, either as support staff to the Accountant, where they provide Accounting support in the field of Accounting and Financial Management in medium to large organizations. or by assuming the role of Accounting clerks in a smaller organization, where an outsourced Accountant provides the service of supervision and monitoring.

  • Accounting clerks are in very short supply, as all organizations need to be provided with the type of work they do. In most cases, the Accounting Clerk/ Junior Accountant can provide a full
  • Accounting service to a small organization, under supervision of an off-site Senior Accountant.
  • This course is designed with the objective of encouraging the widest possible access to the Accounting profession and Accounting Qualifications.


This course has been developed as a coherent set of “generic” competences in Accounting so that it applies to a wide range of different types of Accounting jobs in a variety of organisations. Transferable core competences for broadly defined areas of Accounting activity have been identified and included in this course as they apply to all employees involved in an Accounting role in any organization. Some of the individual competencies, particularly those in large organizations relating to a specific job in the field have also been included in the course, where these might have a broader applicability for learners.


All the Skills programmes in this course can be a achieved into two phases each phase takes 6 months (I year)



Skills programmes

  • Computerized Financial Systems.
  • Entrepreneur and Business Management I
  • Financial Accounting I
  • Management communication


Skills programmes

  • Entrepreneur and Business Management II
  • Financial Accounting II
  • Cost and management Accounting
  • Computer Financial system.

On successful passing the skills programmes the college issues a certificate.

Since the training is based on the N – Course syllabus, the learner can write the external N course exams administered by the Department of education, and on successful passing the learner will be awarded a National certificate N4 and N5. The learner can proceed to study towards a National Certificate N6. DAM College has an exam Centre for N-Courses its centre no. is 899990879


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