Public Relations



The Diploma will enable persons, who are already fulfilling some support role in PR or communications practice, but without formal qualification, to obtain recognition for their skills, competence and experience

The qualifying learner will:

  • Be able to use writing skills to produce professional business communiqués in print and electronic form
  • Understand the functions of the media and their requirements and use the media to gain publicity for their organisation
  • Perform administrative and support duties related to various types of PR events and activities
  • Handle consumer queries and complaints and edit, code and capture data.
  • Perform administrative and support duties related to marketing, market research and promotions.
  • Understand a selected business environment and the nature of marketing
  • Explain communication theory and practice
  • Work along with others as a project team member
  • Measure and improve single factor productivity at a workstation

In achieving the above, all learners would acquire a range of fundamental, core and elective competencies in the areas of Public Relations, Communications Management Practice, Human Resources, Communication, Consulting and Business Practice and Ethics


Rationale for the qualification.

Public Relations is a function performed, either on a full-time basis through appointed Public Relations Practitioners or on a part-time basis by other employees or members together with their other duties, in every organisation either commercial or non-commercial. Public Relations is Also a function performed informally to a lesser or greater degree by every employee of an organisation and member of a non-commercial organisation such as a club, non-profit-making organisation, NGO, etc. Many Public Relations practitioners are not formally trained for the job, nor did they apply to be appointed as Public Relations practitioners but happen to have assumed responsibility for Public Relations more by accident than by design. They perform these Public Relations duties without the necessary background knowledge or development of the relevant skills.

COURSE DURATION :         (N4 – N6 )18 months


A student will qualify for a National N Diploma in in Legal Secretary on completion of a minimum of 12 subjects, ranging from N4 – N6, together with a minimum of 18 months in-service training.

Certification Body :

All N Certificate and Diplomas are issued by the National Department of Education and are recognised by Commerce and Industry.


Subjects in N4 (6Months)

  • Introduction to computer practice
  • Communication
  • Public Administration
  • Entrepreneur and Business Management.

Subjects in N5 (6Months)

  • Information processing
  • Office Practice
  • Communication
  • Public Relations

Subjects in N6 (6Months)

  • Information processing
  • Office Practice
  • Communication
  • Public Relations

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