N4 – N6 Mechanical Engineering



This course will enhance the social status, productivity and employability of the learner within the Mechanical engineering and energy sector and contribute to the quality, production rate and growth of the  engineering and energy sector.

A person acquiring all skills in this course, will have skills, knowledge and experience to:

  • Evaluate and apply essential methods to technical operational systems.
  • Analyze and apply acquired knowledge in performing the tasks and solve common problems.
  • Gather and analyze relevant information, use data to apply theories and principles within  engineering related situations.
  • Execute role and responsibilities by being able to summarize, classify, discuss and estimate application processes required through mathematical concepts, technical and schematic diagrams, computer and technology usage in a range of different contexts.
  • Communicate with peers, customers and members of supervisory/management levels by presenting information reliably and accurately in spoken and written form.

Rationale of the Course.

This is an occupational based course  for learners that reflect the workplace-based needs of the  engineering  that is expressed by employers and employees, both now and for the future. This course provides the learner with accessibility to be employed within the  engineering field and provides the flexibility to pursue different careers in the broader Mechanical engineering field


(N4 – N6 ) 12 months


A student will qualify for a National N Diploma  Engineering on completion of a minimum of 12 subjects, ranging from N4 to N6, together with a minimum of two years in-service training.

Certification Body :
All N Certificate and Diplomas are issued by the National Department of Education and are recognized by Commerce and Industry.


Subjects in N4 (3 Months)

  • Supervisory Management/ Mathematics
  • Industrial Affairs/ Engineering Science
  • Mechanical draughting
  • Mechanotechnics

Subjects in N5 (3 Months)

  • Supervisory Management/ Mathematics
  • Industrial Affairs/ Engineering Physics
  • Mechanotechnics
  • Mechanical Drawing and Design

Subjects in N6 (3 Months)

  • Supervisory Management/ Mathematics
  • Industrial Affairs/ Engineering Physics
  • Mechanical Drawing and Design
  • Mechanotechnics


Registration :   R250.00
Deposit :  R2000.00
(Including Reading Material)
Monthly :  R710.00 x 2
Total :  R3670.00
Cash:  R3392.00

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